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Pure and Clean Water for your boat

Yacht Washer, is the newest fresh water filtration system for boats in the market.

It can be an unpleasant experience to go sailing and find a strange taste or smell that comes off from the fresh water tanks in the boat. Or return from a good day of fishing or fun and washing the boat and it is left with stains on the gelcoat or in the paint. Doing nothing about it will cause the paint to lose its shine and look deteriorated.

This might be caused by the quality of the water, excess bacteria, fungus and contaminants that are concentrated inside the water reserves or in the hoses carrying water from one side to the other.

Your day does not have to be ruined and your boat does not need to be expose to early deterioration for this reason




This filtration system blocks contaminants, sediments, bacteria, fungus and chemicals of all sizes to get clean, fresh water. You can use the water safely to carry out all the necessary activities, speed up the drying of your boat and keep the paint shinning for a longer time. And in case you have to fill up your water tank, its design allows for maximum water flow so it will take less time to fill.

Your boat is to be enjoyed and you can do so while keeping you healthy, be efficient with your time and maximize your investment as well.

Suggested Maintenance: Filter replacement minimum once a year.


Its Design


It is a dual system that maintains two containers for greater quality control and an optimal result in the quality of the water supply. The first container blocks larger sediments and contaminants and the second container blocks small particles and harmful substances leaving the water completely clean and pure.

The stainless steel pipes and copper nipples and the activated carbon filters used in their manufacture meet the highest quality standards in the industry.

System can be installed at the dock as well as in the interior of the boat.



Authorized Distributor for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean:
HQJ Plumbing Supplies, Inc.


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